Good bye, cruel blogosphere

December 24, 2009 at 3:54 pm Leave a comment

Just kidding! Well, I’m half kidding, in the tradition of the half bear/half cat that is our mighty mascot at the University of Cincinnati! The blogosphere is not cruel, at least not to me – although from what I hear some quite hurtful gossip is often published about celebrities. But I am saying goodbye.

Like Ken Tremendous at “Fire Joe Morgan,” I have parlayed the wildly successful, uh, success of my blog into a TV sitcom deal. Actually, my show will be very similar to his. His show is called “Parks and Recreation,” and it’s a mockumentary (like “The Office”) about all the zany goings-on in some small town’s Parks and Recreation Department (see left – although this is not the actual logo from show, because I don’t want to get sued).

Anyway, my show is going to be called “Planning and Zoning” (see below) and it’s also going to be a mockumentary. Except get this- it’s going to be a MOCKUMENTARY OF A MOCKUMENTARY! How crazy is that?!? So instead of being about the zany goings-on in some small town’s Planning and Zoning Department, it’s going to be about the zany goings-on that happen behind the scenes as a film crew films the zany goings-on in some small town’s Planning and Zoning Department! WRAP YOUR FUCKING MIND AROUND THAT!!!

So, look for my show on a TV set near you, and thanks a lot for all your support of my blog over the years! Maybe after my show has had a nice long run like MASH or Seinfeld I will return to the blogosphere to extol the virtues of my beloved Bearcats. Except by then, it’ll be way in the future so there will probably be some crazy thing that has replaced blogs, like people will think stuff about a topic (such as Cincinnati Bearcats football) and then flying cars will read their minds and fly to the houses of all the people who care about that topic and those people will hear about the stuff directly from the flying cars. Til then!


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Welcome to the newest member of the Bearcats blogosphere!

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