Brian Kelly is a great man and I hope he wouldn’t take a dead-end job like ND

December 8, 2009 at 5:26 pm Leave a comment

I mean, look what’s happened to the last couple coaches they had. Ruined! Charlie Weis will never eat lunch in that town… oh, who am I kidding? He’ll eat lunch (see right) wherever he wants to, probably five times a day for the rest of his life. But you get my point.

The man who has led our Bearcats to a place somewhere near the top of the college football world deserves better, but if he’s offered the ND job and takes it then I wish him well. I appreciate all he’s done for Cincinnati, but this program’s been on the rise for years and no one can stop our momentum now! How many people thought we’d come crashing back to earth after Dantonio left? I didn’t, but a lot of people probably did.

If Brian Kelly leaves for ND, I trust the excellent football coach hirers at Cincinnati to replace him with another coach of awesome caliber. My only regret will be that the BCS screwed Coach K out of a chance at a national championship. That’s right, BCS – in case you haven’t heard, I don’t like you!!!


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