ZOMFG! WTF?!? BCS spelled backward is SCB, which stands for “Screw Cincinnati Bearcats”!

December 7, 2009 at 2:38 am Leave a comment

I am almost too furious for words here, but for the sake of those who turn to me as a source of news and informed opinions, I will summon the strength to write a few initial thoughts on this monumental snubbing. In case you haven’t heard, TEXAS – and not our beloved Bearcats – has been picked to play against Bama for the BCS championship. Yes, the same Texas that came within 1 second – ONE FREAKING SECOND – of losing their conference championship game. But yet they still finished ahead of Cincy in the BCS standings why? Because they STARTED ahead of us in all the polls, that’s why. So while we  kept moving up in the rankings with impressive, convincing win after impressive, convincing win, Texas apparently controlled their own destiny all along just because the poll voters are college football iganoramuses (ignorami?) who didn’t realize Cincy was going to be this awesome at the beginning of the season. You will hear much more from me on this stunning turn of events, but for now I just want to say this: Between watching the so-called “Red River Shootout” and the Big 12 championship, I banged my head against the wall and had friends/ relatives/ strangers at bars kick me in the nutsack so many times –  just to feel the slightest bit of excitement during these lobotomy-inducing* games – that I now have a permanent concussion and no ability to father children.

* The part of my brain that experiences emotions died from lack of use.


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Mailbag time as we await official word on Cincy-Bama showdown BCS = Baffling Cincinnati Snub

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