Why Cincy deserves to be in the BCS title game more than Texas: a win-by-win breakdown (week 1)

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“We shouldn’t even be having this conversation.” How many times have you said that? I don’t think I’ve ever said it, because I like having conversations of all kinds, but I’ve heard that saying before.

Anyway, we shouldn’t even be talking about why Cincinnati is a more worthy opponent than Texas to play Bama in the BCS title game, because we all know the college football championship should be decided on the “gridiron” through a playoff system. Cincinnati would surely prevail in these “playoffs” this year, but we’re never going to have a chance to find out because… well, you know why. All reasonable people know the BCS system should be replaced with an 8-team playoff and all the arguments have been made “ad nauseam.” So instead of offering a constructive solution like that, I am going to take a different approach: tearing down Texas.

On a game-by-game basis, I will prove to the world what we Bearcat fans already know, which is that Cincinnati is a superior football team to Texas and deserves to be playing Bama for the national title. How do I know all this knowledge I’m about to drop? It’s called “research”! First up is week 1:

Cincinnati 47, Rutgers 15 – Granted Rutgers padded their record by playing a bunch of patsies this year (not including us, of course!) but they also beat UConn, who was pretty good this year, and then-#24 USF. And this game was AT Rutgers. They probably have some sort of home-field advantage there. Anyway, Rutgers finished 8-4 and is headed to their fifth consecutive bowl. Three of their four losses were to teams that finished in the BCS final top 25. The other loss was to Syracuse, which… has a proud tradition. I mean, did anyone see “The Express”?!?

On the other hand…

Texas 59, Louisiana-Monroe 20 – Louisiana-Monroe finished 6-6 and third in the Sun Belt conference (which is actually in Division 1, it might surprise you to learn) and recently announced they’re letting their coach go. GREAT FREAKING WORK TEXAS!

Rankings: In the week 1 rankings, Texas remained at #2 in both polls, where they were ranked in the preseason. Cincinnati, which was one of the “Others Receiving Votes” in the preseason, climbed to #23 in both polls. THE BEARCATS’ TRIUMPHANT MARCH TO A PLACE SOMEWHERE NEAR THE TOP BEGINS!


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