Dude, we should totally be playing in the national championship game!

December 6, 2009 at 5:30 am Leave a comment

So, I just got done watching the Big 12 title game. It was fine. Now my only question is: Does this mean we’re playing Bama in the BCS championship game? BECAUSE THERE IS NO F-ING WAY TEXAS SHOULD BEAT US OUT FOR A SPOT IN THE NATIONAL TITLE GAME AFTER THEY BARELY WON THEIR OWN CONFERENCE TITLE GAME ON A LAST-SECOND FIELD GOAL!

Now you may say, “But Half Shark-Alligator Half Man, didn’t Cincinnati also win today in a similar fashion?” And my answer would be “No, you dumbass.” Because we went ahead of Pitt slightly earlier than at the last second, and it was technically with a PAT, not a field goal. Also, this was not our conference championship game. The Big East doesn’t even have a championship game because there’s only eight football teams and you need at least 12 for that! Man, that was a stupid question.

The point is that we should be playing Bama in the BCS championship game on January whatever it is. Sorry, I don’t have the exact date handy. And on that day, the bear half of our mascot will maul the Crimson Tide while the cat half scratches them viciously. Because as you know, faithful Bearcubkittens, the Cincinnati mascot is half bear, half cat – AND ALL BEARCAT!!!


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Random thought before Cincy surely leapfrogs Texas to #2 in the BCS rankings tonight

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